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Wig! SCtagWorld of Tanks Blitz updates.

Then PUBG Mobile updates.

Then C.A.T.S. updates.

All within 24 hours of each other. How can anyone say there is no God?

Oh yeah. Common sense. And simple logic. And Trump. Still, it's a godless world with some cool updates, huh?
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miclo18d   Trump likes this!
J D   Meowscow !
xecck   registered to M.O.M
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miclo18d   bienvenidos!
NIGHTFIGHTER68   registered to M.O.M
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Josh____________I forgot how to add stiff to the calender
_DK_   2073825633. Like this post if you solve the puzzle.
Wig! SCtag  Josh, I swear to spooky bearded patriarchal imaginary Judeo-Christian cloud-jockey, if you don't settle on a name so everyone can know who to yell at I'm going at you.
Josh____________   I'm kinda of sad I had to change my name :( My cover is blown. I hope this is a good name to yell at because I sure think so. GET IN THE CAR JOSH!!!!
ChaoticSpider Whoop, whoop, 3rd highest damage in the VK 45.02a on the NA server!
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Skokly_ThePurpleCapedMOMHere is some Blitz gameplay for all you lovely MOMaholics out there to dissect and hopefully enjoy.
Himmelsdorf Brawl
Prioritize your targets
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Wig! SCtag  Excellent stuff, Skokington. Looking forward to the addition of VO and/or in-game gab to further illuminate and edify the MOMmonwealth.
miclo18d   A few days ago, Skokly took me under his wing like any good MOM would, and taught me some good stuff! Thanks for the video!
H34vy_K4rm4Well, I adhere to Rule 10 if only by chance and with broad interpretation. With my current wotb lag I have to teleport/then kill whatever I happen to find in boulders and under dunes.
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H34vy_K4rm4   Lizards and such. :(
Wig! SCtag  HK, it isn't so much *what* you kill that matters, as it is *that* you kill. So long as it's little kids. M.O.M strongly discondones killing in all forms and under all circumstances but the most extreme and/or life-threatening e.g. you see a little kid that's alive. Or a teen.
Skokly_ThePurpleCapedMOMI'm back on the site!!! Miss me buttercups?
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Dado_1968   [link]
J DSo much better . I could listen to that crazy flute all day
World of Tanks Blitz - Soundtracks (4.10)
These songs belongs to Wargaming. I dont claim any of these....
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Dado_1968   Desert Sand River: It’s got a great beat and you can dance to it. I give it a 90.
Dado_1968   Desert Sand River @ 3:30
H34vy_K4rm4   registered to M.O.M
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H34vy_K4rm4   I fought the M.O.M. but the M.O.M. won? Heck if I know.
Wig! SCtagI just received this from a GoveJem via the "Message M.O.M" inbox on the site...

Can you! need something startup new? Open and look at this website. Only there the choice of girls for every taste and completely free! They are good slaves, they will do everything you say !

Yes, I censored the URL. Get your own good slaves. Can you!
Link Description
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_DK_   Seems legit.
Dado_1968   Can me? No. Can you!
M.O.M has reached a new record of 450 registered users today!
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_DK_ Call me an Eternal Pessimist, but I can't help but wonder what new flavor of pain will take the place of Spare Parts.
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GreenFace   You mean, the change is good in it self, but you suspected that WG would come up with another new annoying thing?
_DK_   Precisely, Delta.
Wig! SCtagI thought Wargaming had ceilinged out on the convoluted, labyrinthine, impenetrably stark staring stupid "events". Then the new football themed fustercluck reminded me to never underestimate Wargaming.

I'll be taking a knee on this one. You'll find me in the locker room aka PUBG Mobile. Somebody text me when the anthem's over.
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Dado_1968   I’ll bend it like Beckham.
miclo18dI missed posting this yesterday, so you get it D+1.
An image tagged 4th of july
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