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TheByTownGunner Any MOMrads playing or interesting in playing War Robots? I've switched from tanks & ships to bots. Similar clan set up & play style.
Barny227   Back in 2017 I gave it a try. It is still on my device but I haven’t played it in a long time.
Barny227   I do think there was a forum thread on it too
Alan_TerraceI am interested to see if there are other MOMs that would be interested in not only tanks, but the addition of halftracks?
_DK_   I don't see myself driving them, but am For the idea of HE magnets on the red team.
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LionJohntyJust checking in! Playing boats because at 60 my reactions are too slow for tanks... I still sneak in a tank battle every now and then.
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REDSTEELEII and panda2297 registered to M.O.M
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Barny227 Anyone playing golf clash? This is where I am spending my time instead of tanks. Really thinking of just being done with tanks
_DK_   Can't say that I have, but enjoy video game more than real golf, might have to check it out
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Wig! SCtag  You did whut?! Damn, Noel! I'm noodling around with the clunky phone app trying to get to the plan options and BAM! Covered. I'm diverting the energy to building you a private skybox.
Nolton   Was my pleasure.
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Nolton   Sorry it has been so long.
Dado_1968 Fortnite or PUBG?
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Wig! SCtagVerkitso, it's what I referred to in my private message, we don't have a fully fleshed out presence on the Euro server in the toy tank game. We do have European members but they generally endure the higher ping on the North American server in order to hang with fellow M.O.Ms. A Euro division is definitely in the works. We've had a test tag on the Asian server for some time.
Dado_1968   Be sure to friend Tank_Williams_Jr on the Euro server. He’s a M.O.M even though we don’t have a [MUM] tag there.
_DK_   Forward_to_Death as well, I don't get over there very often though
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verkitso_1973   Hey, it's great to be here! Not wholly sure how I find you on WIT Blitz, but I'm trying...
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J DHere’s a classic JD that I think can can help all of us
JDs helpful tanking tips
If you can get all the things together
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Wig! SCtag  Tanks has enough tips. If J.D.'s helpful tips haven't sufficiently helped your tanking by now your tanking is beyond help. What we need is more helpful PUBGing tips.
_DK_   Perhaps a Pan Tutorial by JD?
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