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Dado_1968 Can someone please explain this idiocy to me?
World of Tanks Blitz: You were born for the Mad Games
Stop playing dull games! It's time for the Mad Games in Worl...
_DK_   1 part hooker + 1 part blow + 15 parts bathtub vodka = this event. But it's comical if you remember that none of the Arena BS counts against your stats, so it's fine to go 1 and 9...Tortoise speeding ahead 50 meters? Kinda funny. Deerso drifting in an SU100Y? Even funnier.
Wig! SCtagIt occurs to me that we have a great many MOMrades who may not be entirely aware of the history behind CAKE; why it's our mascot. And motto. And state flower. And national bird. And secret handshake. It's a tale as old as time...(hits @ approx. 5:00 but watch the whole thing for maximum edification)
Brass Eye: Drugs (Episode 2)
Episode 2 of Brass Eye
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_DK_   As hilarious as ever, thanks for posting this, Rick.
Dado_1968   Ah, the Summer of Death. I remember it well.
J DYou know what ? MOM7 was my clan long ago and I love it too!
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J DYou. Ask to got !
JDs helpfully gaming tips
JD sheds some knowledge on pubg
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Wig! SCtag  Gonna take multiple viewings to fully digest these helpful tips. I may incorporate them into my gameplay one at a time over the course of a few months. Otherwise I'm afraid I might be accused of hacking.
Barny227 Be safe MOMrades that live in the path of hurricane Michael.
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_DK_   Indeed, he's a wild one.
J DStrap it on and hobble up to the screen !
JDs helpfully boating tips
Weigh anchor with Cpt JD
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Wig! SCtag  Yes, but where are the helpful pubging tips? I need the tips.
Dado_1968 :lol:
Eric Alper on Twitter
When you're overqualified for the job
Wig! SCtag  I know the clip's all about the drums but still, kinda frustrating how they never widen the shot so we can see Geddy Lee.
Dado_1968   That could be Neil Peart on the drums. I hadn’t thought of that.
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_DK_ For the MOMBies asking, here's the simple WR sheet that I mentioned. How many times could you watch the Lord Of The Rings trilogy instead of raising your WOTB WR by .5%? This'll tell you.
Win Rate Simulator
WR Calculator Battle Simulator, Win Rate Calculator Input your data into highlighted cells in row 8, simulated game performance( Win or Loss) in column A, Input your data into high...
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_DK_   What can I say, Jack, I'm something of a geek.
Barny227   Now I am depressed
Wig! SCtag  I just rewatched the entire Twin Peaks season three in the time it would've taken me to play the amount of PUBG Mobile it would've taken me to ignore the amount of tanking it would've taken me to up my Win Rate by two tenths of who gives a fuck percent.
"What year is it?"
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Maxwell_KrellHello guys. Sorry I’ve been quite inactive here. Last two weeks were really complicated for me. I only played WoTB, but to be hones, I almost threw away my stuff. You know, having worked so hard to get 48.70 in a whole week, to just lose everything and get down to 48.36. It really drove me mad.

Anyways, I think I’m taking some time off of WoTB, maybe a couple of games but not much more than that. I hope this doesn’t give any problem to the family.

I’m going to play some more WoWB and PUBG mobile. I would like to join MOM family I’m both games. My name is Maxwell Krell, on both.

Cya on the battlefield!
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_DK_   Hit up the MOM fleet in WoWSB, we can make a spot!
Wig! SCtag  Max, friend me (TheWigBang) in PUBG Mobile and we'll get you into the clan.
Maxwell_Krell   Request sent to MOM fleet, and friend request sent as well. Thank you guys! Hope to have a lot of fun with the family!
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