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J DHere’s a classic JD that I think can can help all of us
JDs helpful tanking tips
If you can get all the things together
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Wig! SCtag  Tanks has enough tips. If J.D.'s helpful tips haven't sufficiently helped your tanking by now your tanking is beyond help. What we need is more helpful PUBGing tips.
LilGuy220   registered to M.O.M
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ChinoXC3   registered to M.O.M
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DeathFiesta   registered to M.O.M
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Dado_1968   Welcome! Death fiestas happen daily in Miramar.
_DK_ For those who find TED talks to be motivational, this...might not be. But it's downright hilarious.
This is what happens when you reply to spam email | James Ve...
Suspicious emails: unclaimed insurance bonds, diamond-encrus...
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Barny227   That made my day Dana. So fitting for today since one of my emails got the subscription bug.
Schlyna and KimJongSpoon registered to M.O.M
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Dado_1968   Welcome, Schlyna, a frequent teammate of mine in PUBG! Also, welcome, KimJongSpoon, a long time contributor to the WOTB forum! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts!
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maddog696696   Welcome
Rudolf Rednose
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Rudolf RednoseMy latest work in progress, a Soviet WW2 AA gun.
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maddog696696   In and out!
M.O.M has reached a new record of 500 registered users today!
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J D   Dang your MOM got fat!
GreatDay and Orb9 registered to M.O.M
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Wig! SCtagDana, many and varied thanks for the invaluable everything you do. Without you M.O.M would quickly go all curly and would soon be no moe.
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_DK_   Happy to do what I can to keep the larries in check.
_DK_ Been doing some upkeep on the Discord house, let me know if you're locked out or hate the wallpaper. [link]
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maddog696696   We need Black Lodge back! As per Josh!
_DK_   See what happens when you miss a meeting, Josh???
Wig! SCtag  Nobody knew what the Black Lodge is. Or the Red Room, or Big Ed's Gas Farm, or...

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