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Tactical Sacrifice GIF - Tactical Sacrifice Hp - Discover & ...
The perfect Tactical Sacrifice Hp Animated GIF for your conv...
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J D   Shake and Bake
formhalsBig Caliber Nurnberg loss.
formhals   Just received my 3rd big caliber with the Nurnberg. 87k damage, 2 kill.
formhalsLess than 4000 battles more than 1000 battle stars.
formhalsMom’s on the move. 98th today.
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Rainforest   registered to M.O.M
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Wig! SCtagAnyMOM who's been inactive in our PUBG Mobile clan, don't be surprised to find yourself on the business end of the big boot. I just finished dusting about fifteen members whose dormancy stretched into the months long. A couple weeks is no thing, a couplefew months suggests having moved on. Many are core M.O.M members, I looked only at the days inactive, not at the names. When you get back into the game simply hit me up to reclaim your berth right. Remember our motto...

"M.O.M; we're either active in a game or we get kicked out if we go inactive for too long then we can rejoin when we're active again if we feel like it"
Major_7   If i come back after a tour and find a shoe print on my assprofile someones gonna need new dentures .....

i blow sh!t up for a living remember sonny...
miclo18d   HEY! I resemble that remark!
Wig! SCtagMOMmunists, just so y'know, I have site revamp update specialness in the works. It's been much too long since the last coat of fresh paint. I blame life. It refuses to get outta my way. Meanwhile M.O.Ms go all Discordant and the site stalls and stales when it should be keeping pace with and reflective of our growth and expansion into areas happily devoid of tanks. We now have not only the cartoon tanks but also cartoon planes and cartoon parachutes and cartoon feet and even cartoon cars. Many new and old M.O.Ms finding many new ways to murder non-M.O.M fools in the face for laughs. For all of which I'm belatedly Givingthanks.

So watch for snappy new site stuff and somebody please tell me Wargaming didn't do a "Happy Tanksgiving" promotion.
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_DK_   Give a yell if I can help, Rick. Not on voice stuff at night much, but can chat during the day easily enough. Rolling off a contract soon and will have some extra puttering time.
Wig! SCtag  This I will do, and gladly, Dana.
J D   Don’t forget about the cartoon CATS !
Wig! SCtagDear 2018,

Stop saying "bad boy". Stop using it to refer to cars, bikes, shoes, electronic equipment, firearms, genitalia, joints. Don't even use it to describe boys who are being bad. It was dumb in 1988. It's only gotten dumber since.

I'll write again soon.

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Dado_1968   I was amused reading most of the posts on the [link] website, but I didn’t howl with laughter until I read this bad boy.
_DK_   This post is so on fleek.
_DK_ I'm not one for Training Room Reenactments, but this could be super fun to do some US vs. Germany matches.
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J D   DK that sounds like a great Idea!
c_rams17   registered to M.O.M
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Wig! SCtagAdmiral _DK_, kindly find a spot in M.O.M's naval for SeaMOM First Class Steve aka PlutarchsFuego. Maybe tuck him over behind the mizzen by the brig back there next to where we used to keep the bung starters before that time the fo'c'stle got all bilged and we had to avast the starboard fathoms. Ahoy very much.
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_DK_   Dun dun dun Done
_DK_ Since WG crates seem to baffle the unwashed masses, the addled brains of MOM Labs have put together this handy calculator to figure out the odds of winning a prize from crates.Note that this does not include things like charms (open 100 crates and get the tank, guaranteed).
10% drop rate does not mean that 10 crates will definitely win it, neither are your overall odds 10%...The More MOM Knows...
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_DK_   This is also usable for crates/loot boxes in other's all just math. Doesn't cover some of the crazier box configurations out there, but will give you the basics.
_DK_   PS: bought 5 containers (TDay booze budget is a lot lower with a toddler in the house), pulled the Skorpion on #4. Because I needed another Tier 8 premium. Especially a TD. At least it has a turret...maybe I'll go muck around in Rating battles.
miclo18d   Gambler’s Fallacy
(also known as: the Monte Carlo fallacy, the doctrine of the maturity of chances)

Description: Reasoning that, in a situation that is pure random chance, the outcome can be affected by previous outcomes.

Example #1:

I have flipped heads five times in a row. As a result, the next flip will probably be tails.

Explanation: The odds for each and every flip are calculated independently from other flips. The chance for each flip is 50/50, no matter how many times heads came up before.

Example #2:

Eric: For my lottery numbers, I chose 6, 14, 22, 35, 38, 40. What did you choose?

Steve: I chose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Eric: You idiot! Those numbers will never come up!

Explanation: “Common sense” is contrary to logic and probability, when people think that any possible lottery number is more probable than any other. This is because we see meaning in patterns -- but probability doesn’t. Because of what is called the clustering illusion, we give the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 special meaning when arranged in that order, random chance is just as likely to produce a 1 as the first number as it is a 6. Now the second number produced is only affected by the first selection in that the first number is no longer a possible choice, but still, the number 2 has the same odds of being selected as 14, and so on.

Example #3:

Maury: Please put all my chips on red 21.

Dealer: Are you sure you want to do that? Red 21 just came up in the last spin.

Maury: I didn’t know that! Thank you! Put it on black 15 instead. I can’t believe I almost made that mistake!

Explanation: The dealer (or whatever you call the person spinning the roulette wheel) really should know better -- the fact that red 21 just came up is completely irrelevant to the chances that it will come up again for the next spin. If it did, to us, that would seem “weird,” but it is simply the inevitable result of probability.

Exception: If you think something is random, but it really isn’t -- like a loaded die, then previous outcomes can be
_DK_ First Raisin, but it's on an alt and against bots. More impressed with my 33 round SharpShooter medal in the T82 with a 75mm Howitzer...burnin' through the HEAT
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J DGuys I’m going to tell you if it wasn’t for a little chuckle I here you guys give me every now and then we’ll i don’t know if ole JD coulda held on. Here’s to another year of Helpful Everything tips !
All the folks here at JDs wanna say thank you to the fans an...
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Barny227   “Jack Weasel”. Still my favorite JD saying.
Wig! SCtag  J D remains among the most helpful providers of helpful tips of anyone named J D providing helpful tips. And I mean that.
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