Howl at the M.O.M
meh, submit your in-game Join request to our MOM4 division.
what i thought we would get a cake if we joined so for wot anyclans open on there to join for NA server
“Where is my cake?” is the best first question ever asked here. Welcome to M.O.M, meh!
hi im new i just joined where is my cake
The founder of MOMlandia has returned from the Lazarus region.
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Barny227 Anyone playing golf clash? This is where I am spending my time instead of tanks. Really thinking of just being done with tanks
_DK_   Can't say that I have, but enjoy video game more than real golf, might have to check it out
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Wig! SCtag  You did whut?! Damn, Noel! I'm noodling around with the clunky phone app trying to get to the plan options and BAM! Covered. I'm diverting the energy to building you a private skybox.
Nolton   Was my pleasure.
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Nolton   Sorry it has been so long.
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^ Apply @ JOIN Above!
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