Howl at the M.O.M
Happy Easter MOMs! Hope you all are well.
meh, submit your in-game Join request to our MOM4 division.
what i thought we would get a cake if we joined so for wot anyclans open on there to join for NA server
“Where is my cake?” is the best first question ever asked here. Welcome to M.O.M, meh!
hi im new i just joined where is my cake
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TheByTownGunner Any MOMrads playing or interesting in playing War Robots? I've switched from tanks & ships to bots. Similar clan set up & play style.
Barny227   Back in 2017 I gave it a try. It is still on my device but I haven’t played it in a long time.
Barny227   I do think there was a forum thread on it too
Alan_TerraceI am interested to see if there are other MOMs that would be interested in not only tanks, but the addition of halftracks?
_DK_   I don't see myself driving them, but am For the idea of HE magnets on the red team.
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LionJohntyJust checking in! Playing boats because at 60 my reactions are too slow for tanks... I still sneak in a tank battle every now and then.
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javier691015   registered to M.O.M
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