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ChaoticSpider It's official, just bought tickets to TankFest 2018 in Bovington, UK...woohoo!
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NewGold42   Noice
Dado_1968   That will be an awesome trip. I’m envious.
HURTS_DOUGHNUTSent in my app for MOM7, still not accepted.. :(
ChaoticSpider   Do donuts count as cake or does it depend on the type of donut. Can u fry a donut and it still be cake because anything fried is better. Is that the next evolution of a cake. Hmmm...cake 2.0
HURTS_DOUGHNUT   Lol... Doing very well guys, thank you! I like y’all style around here, haha! The nickname is actually a quote from a Movie called Tombstone! & the Doughnut part is just a humorous but humble twist to the quote! Most of all, yess, i love my sweet bread, CAKE, and donuts! Greetings fr9m Northern California!
_DK_   I'm your huckleberry...
Wig! SCtagMOMmunists, rumors are afloat regarding new and thrilling developments in the cartoon tank corner of the MOMiverse. Please ignore these rumors as they are 100% true. The speculation that Dan_Deerso and I are at work on something both wondrous and terrifying is ridiculous and utterly accurate and should be continued immediately, as is the absurd suggestion that major changes are going to be made to our tournament tags founded on nothing more substantial than the fact that major changes are being made to our tournament tags.

In future please remember what Benjamin Franklin said about rumors about M.O.M. Thank you.
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ChaoticSpider   All hail Jimmy The Lip!
HURTS_DOUGHNUT   registered to M.O.M
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Dado_1968   Mmmmmmmm, donuts.
Seaking01 and TsundereTanksu registered to M.O.M
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_DK_ New Sport: UE57 Jousting. 85% of poll answers said that it beats curling. Details at 9.
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Dado_1968 Happy Valentine’s Day MOMrades!
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Silentium   registered to M.O.M
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IamPoncho   registered to M.O.M
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_DK_ Fun times in MOMSkeet with the Spider's and EGE- should do this more!
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Wig! SCtag  MOMSkeet is among the finest of all the skeets. I've just been discussing with several MOMrades my intention to resurrect the stupid fun stuff we haven't been doing enough of in recent months. Delighted to see you few taking the matter into your own hands, let's get it to happen on a large scale and regularly asap!
ChaoticSpider   Yes it is the finest Rick. Even learned that a LTTB can bounce a T95 shell while flying through the air in a twisting motion. F'ing RNG is all I have to say!
_DK_   Guess that's what they meant by "angle your armor", Dan!
_DK_ "turkeyflavoredbuttwater" is a real WoTB username. Incidentally, that player has no flaming idea how to drive a Matilda.
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_DK_   Correction: any tank. DR 0.24, KDR 0.36, 42.63% WR after 821 battles (284 while Waltzing Matilda to a career-busting 44% WR).
NewGold42   registered to M.O.M
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Alcyone   registered to M.O.M
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Wig! SCtag  Alcyone, better known to generations of M.O.Ms as Luna...and my MOMbership worldwide wish list of one is done.
_DK_ Any MOMrades out there have experience with the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, or Honda Fit? Car shopping is almost as bad as the WoTB "Community"...
_DK_   We did, it's pretty significant but not quite enough to justify (for now)
Dan_Deerso   Don't forget to call your electric provider and check for incentives through them as well
_DK_   Good call, Dan- they don't, but the next one might. We wound up with a (gently) used Chevy Volt, and are lucky enough to have a free charging station right around the corner. Loving the torque...the Volt is always electric (the gas engine is called a "range extender") so it gets up and goes (oh, it's also safe, rides nice, all that other stuff).
Dado_1968 I keep reading in the Forums about a Chinese line of tanks.
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ChaoticSpider   Roflmao!
_DK_   I just a bunch of Hype, the 59th category.
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