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Dado_1968Snake Boy’s Helpful Snaking Tips
I'm a Snake ( original / official ) [ As seen on Tosh.0]
Get your official I'm A Snake shirts here: http://mattkeck.m...
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J D   Dang that was what I was going to be doing in the next episode . Stupid Snake
Wig! SCtag  Dado, you and Snake Boy owe my life a minute and forty seven seconds. I don't care who reimburses how much, work it out between you.
_DK_ Could I have finished that Wyoming with 4 minutes left? Sure, but ramming was just so much more fun...
Row Row Row your Kaiser
Slow start, and a lack of patience at the end.
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_DK_   I continued my ramming kick tonight, but in more of a "I may be going down, but I'll take you with me!" vein.
J DTime to tell MM Merry HoHo
JDs helpful tanking tips
MM madness and the stress of the holidays
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Dado_1968   Spaghetti! Fuck yeah!
Wig! SCtag  published I Tank I'm Done on Blog - The Wig LeBlogski
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_DK_ Good read on this 3rd of December.
The Perfect Fire
It's not so much a bell, really, as an electronic horn, short and shrill. When it goes off, firefighters freeze and listen for the sound that comes next. Usually, only words follow...
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_DK_ PSA- WG has decided to limit restoration"exceptions" to one tank per year. Sell thoughtfully, MOMrades!
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_DK_   Zebra- I gather that the EU folks pointed out that they were under a different policy than NA, so WG decided to move all servers to this policy...not just your fault :-d
_DK_   PSA to the PSA- new rules take effect 1 Jan 2018.
GreenFace   Got my Anko back... Yaaay... And Kuro in January... But really... I really really hate that squeaky Japanese voice
J DI think he’s got his SU confused with his ess yew
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Dado_1968   Heck yeah? WTF?
Wig! SCtag  Y'know, you never realize just how helpful these helpful tanking tips are until you try tanking without 'em. On the last two days with no JD I've gone 1 and 6, 1 and 7, 1 and 5, 1 and 6, 1 and 5. JD uploads this episode and before I even watch it I'm 3 and 0. Heck yeah!
VelociTanker   I feel so much better about getting rekt after watching these tips. I almost have the voice down pat as I YoloCide.
Wig! SCtagMy 2D pants tanking has gone all the way to hell, so I'm thinking... what's changed? Massive deluge of brainless twits? Nothing new there. Insultingly obvious rigging of matchmaking? Same as it ever was. Dracula? Seen it, down voted it, moved on. Then it occurred to me; no new helpful tanking tips from JD! I'm out there alone, helpless, tipless. I don't know from one minute to the next whether to go town with the flanking TDs or spawn camp my HE on the hill and wait for the cap to be Elited. And Supremacy? If C isn't already Affirmative! before I get it spotted, well... I don't need to tell you what that means. So c'mon, JD, cut a Wig some wisdom, wouldya? If I don't perma-track a spare part container soon I'm gonna go consumable.
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Dado_1968   Cheeeee-to!
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Wherewolf44   Who let this dope in? Oh...wait...nvm.
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ZebraUp   Welcome!
Barny227Happy Thanksgiving Momrades
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Dado_1968   All hail Jimmy the Lip, the Founder of the Feast!
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