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kursed9 , Demonassa , mlaria , Akolego0513 , D33vious , Raclarin9 and stratonian registered to M.O.M
M.O.M has reached a new record of 350 registered users today!
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_DK_   Whoo, pass the CAKE!
Musket 33   registered to M.O.M
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ChaoticSpider How do you use imgur for your signature tags?
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_DK_   Very carefully.
Seriously- upload to imgur, copy the URL with the [Img]tags, paste into your site signature...I think, will double check tonight.[/img]
ChaoticSpider   Figured it out, that is what it is DK.
GHOSTRIDER1Best battle ever
Link Description
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GHOSTRIDER1   Pic wouldn't post oh well
_DK_   Link works, good game!
Jmathias33   registered to M.O.M
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ChaoticSpider In Conneaut, OH, yeah baby!!!
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_DK_   How was it, Dan?
ChaoticSpider   It was awesome, great reinactments, WG was way more organized. Got to see tanks, planes, and lanfing craft, they even had an amphibious tank!!! Will post photos soon.
TdskipLadies, good morning
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nicejob   registered to M.O.M
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UShallN0tPassDrive me closer SirPatrickStar i want to hit them with my sword xD
UShallN0tPassAnother Update:
After the event got moved several times now, it shall start on 23th August and ends on 20th September(if it doesn't get moved again lol).
Good luck hunting the Kpz70 goofing around with the AGTM's: and watching the balance burning down... GL to everyone with that . till 23th im probably wont be here or wont get enough free time to get that tank...
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Barny227   Tier 6,7,and 8 are going to be a wreck during this event. Kind of stinks since those are my favorite tiers. 9-10 here I come.
UShallN0tPass   well if i read correctly everyone gona get the t49agtm that tank need to use for the even, and after the event its gona just disapier from the garage ... and yeah some points or containers need to gather (5500pcs) to get that tier9 prem ht
Tompulania   registered to M.O.M
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UShallN0tPasshere under that link u can see the new premium heavy tier9 , when its gona arrive in the game? hm.. probably with the next general updates :) till than GL&HF
KpfPz 70
Brand-new tier IX tank from World of Tanks Blitz.
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jack_68   243 = standing horse . That's the price
_DK_   Indifferent, overall, but at least it's not a Tier VIII Russian Heavy.
UShallN0tPass   well, that thing should come with this update , but wg delayed it... soo probably it will come with the next patch
ChaoticSpider Hey, hey!!! Hope to see some MOMrades in Ohio this weekend. MOM's chaotically wandering spider is going to another WG event to get myself some schtuff!! Hope to see you vokda drinking, potato eating, purple hating scrubs there. REPRESENT!!!
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Wintersprinter   registered to M.O.M
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