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VelociTankerThis one and the follow up "Lemming Train" are pretty funny.
World of Tanks #1 - That one bounced!
Ever played World of Tanks? check it out, its free http://wo...
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ZebraUpI am so glad I (eventually) took the advice I was given to not rush up the tiers.. It's actually FUN playing in tiers I-IV with the occasional foray to V
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jack_68Battle cried till my eyes were peeled !
J D helpful taking tips
Special clan battle cry and I believe something is going on ...
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Wig! SCtag  This brings back memories of the late 1980s when I first encountered JD's Helpful Taxidermy Tips in its original local cable access incarnation. I'm pretty thrilled that he's now sharing his expertise on my other great passion in life. But it's a little embarrassing to be reminded that I've been stealing the word "jagweasel" all this time and thinking it was my own. Consider it a respectful homage to the innovator. His stuffing techniques still influence everything I stuff.
Nolton   donated $100.00 to M.O.M.
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jack_68Inner facing can be challenging
JD helpful tanking tips
JD talks about how you interphase the game
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Dado_1968   Much more helpful than Bushka.
Wig! SCtag  Bushka? Sounds like a brand of Australian breakfast bars. Y'know, the sort of stuff people eat up when they think there's nothing good in the house.
ChaoticSpider   Keep them coming Jack, always puts a smile on my inner face.
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_DK_   Welcome!
VelociTankerOver a year old and some of it is out of date but good info on camo mechanics - [link]
Spotting and Camo Mechanics Guide - Game Guides and Tutorial...
Spotting and Camo Mechanics Guide - posted in Game Guides and Tutorials: The terrible 3.8 patch removed some equipment and changed camonet and optics use. Topic is under reconstruc...
jack_68He’s got it all figured out lol
Tanking advice with JD
JD talks about how to properly pronounce Japanese tanks
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Wig! SCtag  I'm still not entirely clear on some of the pronunciations. For example, "36.01" and "30.01". "45.02" and "4202". "M6" and "M60". I'm sure to a native Belarusian speaker the differences are obvious, but to my ear they seem identical.
Dado_1968   Ha! I’m famous!
ChaoticSpider   Seriously, no more, you're going to make me pee my pants, rofl!!!
fangs58Tech question DW 2. Would you run vertical stabilizer or refined gun? And another M6ae2 camo or optics?
RageKicker   V Stab on the D.W.2 and Optics on the M6
Barny227   X2 on the vstab. I run that on every tank I have at that level. Camo is crap on the m6 so better to see them sooner
GreenFace   I only use Refined Gun on sniper role tanks. And I only use Camo Net on TDs & HTs.
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jack_68This guy seems pretty knowledgeable
Free advice from JD
JD gives you advice on the World of Tanks blitz
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ChaoticSpider   Roflmfao!!!!
GreenFaceQuick question: Which one should I buy? Or, should I save the gold for extending my monthly premium account later?
_DK_   Pz V/IV is fun, better investment than Equifax stock.
GreenFace   Lol... What's Equivax? Sounds similar to Tampax. We don't have the product here in the third country 😃
_DK_   Similar, but decidedly less trustworthy...with Tampax, you know when there is a leak.
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